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I'm a web designer & developer that crafts sublime interactive experiences.

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Hello! I'm Oliver Benns, a web designer and developer currently situated in Norfolk, England Melbourne, Australia and a recent graduate of Nottingham Trent University achieving a First Class Honours degree in Interactive Media. Alongside my degree I worked part time at JH Digital Agency as a front-end developer on sites running primarily on the Magento platform.

I have learnt a lot from my past 3 years of study and have spent many hours in my own time pushing myself and developing my passion further. I have 21 years to my name and have now entered this exciting industry, working at Inlight Media.

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Boy Who Travels

Boy Who Travels is a personal travel blog. As a new project, it receives frequent updates.

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How & Why?

I want to share my stories, experiences and adventures abroad in order to help others, reflect on myself and improve my writing.

I also felt that undertaking this project would also improve my understanding of managing and maintaining larger sites as well as gain a good understanding of internet advertising and marketing.

What I Built

I designed and built a fully custom Wordpress theme from scratch that allowed me to obtain a good understanding of the CMS and developing custom themes.


Web Design, Responsive Web Design, Front End Development, WordPress (CMS) Integration, Server Management, SEO, Marketing.

Yasmina Podgorski

Yasmina Podgorski is a photography student at the University of Falmouth. Whilst studying she is looking to obtain some part time freelance work or experience.

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How & Why?

Having received a recommendation by a friend, Yasmina asked me to build an online portfolio to showcase her best work. The purpose of the project was to gain recognition around the university, to assist in networking and to show potential employers or clients.

What I Built

I designed a minimalist site that focused solely on the content. I incorporated the new Koken CMS, an ideal platform for media orientated sites like Yasmina's.


Branding, Web Design, Responsive Web Design, Front End Development, Koken (CMS) Integration, Server Management, Client Liason.

Dream the Game

Dream is an upcoming indie video game release that was in the first batch of games to be 'Greenlit' by the Steam community. It is currently in development by three video game design students at the University of Huddersfield.

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How & Why?

To fulfil one of my modules at university, I looked to find an external client with a project that offered me the opportunity to experiment and challenge myself.

HyperSloth Games required a promotional interactive experience that brought talk and excitement to the game's release. The project felt like a good challenge to undertake and felt an increased interest due to my own love for video games.

What I Built

I built a site that used advanced interaction techniques with the help of CSS keyframes, transforms, animations and Javascript. I also incorporated the WordPress CMS, transferring their blog and donation module from the previous website.


Web Design, Responsive Web Design, Front End Development, WordPress (CMS) Integration, Client Liason.


Currently I'm happily working at Inlight Media in Melbourne, Australia. Though I'm not currently working on any freelance projects, if your project is one-of-a-kind then I'm sure we can work something out.

You can contact me through my social networks, or, if you would prefer, you are welcome to send me an email.